Indiana Society Committees & Programs



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Americanism & Flag Recognition George Frantz William Henry Harrison
Americanism Poster Contest Wayne Eells Clarence A. Cook
Audit William Sharp Anthony Halberstadt
Boys State James Arnold Daniel Guthrie
Budget Wendell Horn Anthony Halberstadt
Children of the American Revolution Jeff Voris William Henry Harrison
Color Guard Robert Cunningham Daniel Guthrie
Eagle Scout Kevin Waldrop Clarence A. Cook
Finance Bruce Oakley Clarence A. Cook
George Washington Fund OPEN
Hoosier Patriot Newsletter Jeffrey Hornung Clarence A. Cook
Knight Essay Contest Douglas Wilson Daniel Guthrie
Ladies Auxiliary Ruth C. Cunningham Daniel Guthrie
Medals & Awards Robert Pfaff William Henry Harrison
Middle School Brochure Steve Corbin Clarence A. Cook
Patriot Graves Registry Allen Manning Clifty Creek
ROTC/JROTC Gary Steinhardt William Henry Harrison
Rumbaugh Orations Contest Luke Jacobus Daniel Guthrie
Veterans Programs James Arnold Daniel Guthrie
Webmaster Steven Oberlin Clarence A. Cook

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